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Found A New Home by OOD

We've found a new home!Thanks so much.This song is dedicated to everyone still searching for a new home!
Peace and much love <3For more information on this song and the album follow the link below: 

new ood album is filling up

2nd track is online

What Weeks! The new oodmusic website

Hi! I've changed my hosting provider for my websites last months and got a new theme for the oodmusic site. The new one-man-band-home-studio album is ready and yeah I hope you enjoy it! My love and prayers go to everyone suffering from people making war, having to leave their homes for human actions or natural forces. Please visit for the new look of the site and for a listen in to my new album! Feel free to also follow my oodmusic page on facebook from the link below:

Pixel Painting OOD Music Video: Do Me A Favor

Hope you enjoy the pixel painting video I made for the song: Do me a favor

Happy to hear your feedback:) PEACE!

OOD Music Video - A Seat Of Distance